Astrophysicist Said 2012 That The Earths Core Is Not Magna 

But Of A Plasma Nature...JB 

Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard Speaks 0f His 11.5 Years At Area 51

When Billie arrived at the hollow earth inner surface, they emerged from the shuttle station at the hollow earth capitol City of Eden, the main city of the hollow earth.  It is built around and within the original Garden of Eden on the highest mountain plateau of the inner continent and estimates it is located under the State of Arkansas or close to.  Billie says that the world inside our earth has one continent and one ocean, but that there is more land inside the earth than on the exterior surface. 

Billie agrees completely with the Olaf Jansen story, who were Norwegian fishermen that sailed through the North Polar Opening north east of Franz Josef Land, in 1829 -- that the hollow earth is exactly as Olaf described in his book, The Smoky God  because Billie has been there and seen what it is like.

At Eden, Billie was taken before the King of the World, who is also the Great High Priest Over All the Land, to a beautiful pyramid type palace where the King sat on his great marble throne.  Billie accompanied by Air Force Colonel McCloud, (and on another subsequent visit with a Colonel Stevenson) were interviewed by the King of the Inner World and asked many questions regarding our outer world, our government and the United States military and what they were up to.  Upon returning to Area 51, Billie was completed debriefed and minutely documented all that was learned in Our Hollow Earth.